As part of Mental health week the class has been developing calming techniques especially between leaning transitions. This week we sat quietly, breathing deeply for a minute, taking in the sounds of birds outside, before settling into the afternoon routine.
Here are some ideas to try at home.

The children all enjoyed baking bread and making butter this week as part of our investigations into traditional tales. The children had fun watching their cream change form by shaking their jars. We sang and danced to  the song "Shake it off" by singing "Shake the cream" to help speed up the butter churning time!  The look for wonder and delight on their faces when the cream became butter and butter cream was delightful!  The bread rolls were light anf fluffy and with the home made butter were a delicious and simple treat. We used a simple recipe which we've included below should you wish to try it at home.

Week 3 - Term 3 2018
This week, the children have been enjoying being active at  Big Air Gym.  Check out our photos of them balancing, swinging, tumbling, rolling, jumping, sprinting, leaping and landing.